Every time a product is created in Dynamics CRM 2015, this plugin will automatically add the product to all active price lists in the system. Also works with previous versions of CRM, but you'll need to get the old DLL's and register the plugin manually.

The price list items created will be set to use 100% of the list price, so these can be easily updated after creating the product, or left as is and they will always use the most up to date product list price.

This plugin is great for when you're setting up products and forget to add price list items, as it means when you come to do quotes or invoices, you know your product is going to be available in the selected price list.

Note that this only creates price list items for the default unit defined on the product.

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Created by Paul Nieuwelaar | @paulnz1
Sponsored by Magnetism Solutions - Dynamics CRM Specialists

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